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Introducing the Impulse

Dynamic Balancing and Vibration Analysis at the heart of performance

IMPULSE is our latest product offering to perform dynamic balancing and vibration analysis of your drone or RC models. Its advanced electronics allow users to connect directly to a spare USB port on your PC, which means you no longer require a seperate battery.

Impulse is perfectly matched to our software. It provides users flexibility to perform 1 or 2 plane balancing with ease. Impulse's plug and play design is ideal for beginners who want to get started quickly.

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Introducing AirTune

The most advanced balancing & vibration analysis software for the drone community

DynexHobby are proud to announce AirTune, the simplest and most advanced vibration analysis tool for drones and RC models. AirTune has been optimised to perform balancing on out-runner motors, two and three bladed propellers as well as an analysis tool to identify critical structural frequencies.

Based on our Platinum software, AirTune has all the advanced features hidden behind a user friendly interface. Best of all its FREE. Download your copy today and join our community of users.

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Video Gallery

Helicopter Tail Balancing

DynexHobby gear used to balance RC Helicopter tail rotor assembly.

Ducted Fan Balancing

Here is an amazing video of a cheap $13 Outrunner (HobbyKing Turnigy L2855-2300kv), bell balanced (using Dynex) and then total EDF unit unit balanced. The results are amazing! Has a nice turbine sound.

Why balance?

This video clearly demonstrates the difference balancing makes to motor and fan performance.

Balancing Drone Blades

Ever experienced the "Jello effect" when filming on your drone?

The video below illustrates how to remove the jello effect. Note that the video uses a magnetic balancer to balance blades. However, with DynexHobby products you will get to balance the motors and propellers with a much higher level of accuracy!! 

See what our customers say …

"What you've done will greatly help our industry. Glad someone finally took on this project."

Inventor of the Frantz Strut - USA

"Just balanced my first fan with the Dynex Hobby Kit. I am really impressed as it made a HUGE difference to some cheap 70mm 6s Fans. You've go a great product there and I'll be telling people about it. Great after service sales too."


"As an electronics engineer, this thing appears to be very well thought out. The fact that the person who created this thought about measurement of the own frequency of the support shows a good knowledge of this matter."


"WELL WORTH every cent!! I would say there is no better way to balance fans or motors.”


"Thanks for a great machine I am impressed with the level of balance I have been able to achieve with the KJ66 turbine rotor. Although the engine was running fine even at max rpm 123000 bearing life was about 3hrs which is about 36 flights.

The trial weight ball of blue tack I got down to was only about 2mm dia. when I gently touched the bearing block when spinning I could not feel any vibration at all. So no complaints here. So much better than the original balance.

When I started the engine straight away I could tell it was much smoother. Take off was great."

United Kingdom

Windows PC

Our software uses the simplicity of the Windows environment.

Analysis in Real Time

Our measurement system is realtime. No longer required to sample data and post process.


Clean simple setup of hardware and software. Just download the software, save to your PC and run. Its that simple!


Our system is optimised to provide easy interaction. Software has optimised FFT routines that allows realtime analysis.

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